Under the ocean, green and deep
Lie the fishes fast asleep,
Under the arm and over the shoe,
Tap on the head, and out goes YOU!

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One for sorrow,
two for joy,
three for a girl,
for for a boy,
five for silver,
six for gold,
seven for a secret,
never to be told,
eight for a wish,
nine for a kiss,
ten for a time
of joyous bliss

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One, two, three, four, five,
I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
I let him go again.
O-U-T spells out goes you!

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1… 2… Buckle my shoe
3… 4… Knock at the door
5… 6… Pick up sticks
7… 8… Lay them straight
9… 10… A big fat hen

11… 12… Dig and delve
13… 14… Maids a-courting
15… 16… Maids in the kitchen
17… 18… Maids a-waiting
19… 20… I’ve had plenty!

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Gilly Silly Jarter,
She lost her garter,
In a shower of rain.
The miller found it,
The miller ground it,
And the miller gave it to Silly again.

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Jump, jump, jump,
Jump far away;
And all come home
Some other day.

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Out goes the rat,
Out goes the cat,
Out goes the lady
With a big blue hat.

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Little Tom Tittlemouse
Lived in a bell-house;
The bell-house broke,
And Tom Tittlemouse woke.

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Higletty, pigglety, pop!
The dog has eaten the mop;
The pig's in a hurry,
The cat's in a flurry,
Higletty, pigglety, pop!

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This is the key of the kingdom:
In that kingdom is a city,
In that city is a town,
In that town there is a street,
In that street there winds a lane,
In that lane there is a yard,
In that yard there is a house,
In that house there waits a room,
In that room there is a bed,
On that bed there is a basket
A basket of flowers.
Flowers in the basket,
Basket on the bed,
Bed in the chamber,
Chamber in the house,
House in the weedy yard,
Yard in the winding lane,
Lane in the broad street,
Street in the high town,
Town in the city,
City in the kingdom:
This is the key of the kingdom.

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