Catching some Zzzzz the night before the wedding is important. It is often tempting to have a few glasses of champagne to toast the big day. But remember you have a long day ahead and bloodshot eyes will linger on forever in the photographs. Have a warm relaxing bath with some lavender oils then get some rest... ay

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The whole ceremony revolves around two people saying “yes”. Yes to a lifetime partnership with each other, through the good times and he bad. Yes is the word in the ceremony that binds you together until death do you part. So delight in the moment this word is uttered, as the rest of your lives will be built upon it.

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Winning smile

There will be lots of kisses and smiling photos so your lips and smile must be first-rate. To make sure there are no signs of a dull smile, the night before your wedding apply some petroleum jelly to your lips and gently rub them. This will give you smooth soft lips ready for your big day. Also a visit to the dentist a few weeks before to get your teeth cleaned and polished is a necessity for a bright smile.

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Writing your own vows is a good idea if you want to give the ceremony a little more of a personal feel. Don’t hide away from this and it will add a certain intimacy to the ceremony. Don’t forget to run these vows by the officiate before the big day to make sure they are happy to include them in the proceedings. ab

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SkinYou will want beautiful silky skin to match your beautiful new gown on that special day, so start taking care of your skin a couple of months beforehand with some deep cleansing and exfoliating facials. Don’t forget the rest of the body; keep your back, neck and chest area glowing with regular exfoliating body scrubs and a regular lathering of body cream to ensure a glow on the big day. When the day arrives treat yourself to your favorite scented body lotion to keep you smelling good enough to last all day long.

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PhotographyThe photographs are going to be the lasting feature of your big day so you want them to be as fabulous as possible. Take recommendations from friends and people who have recently got married, visit the photographer’s studio and view his work. All photographers have a different style of photography so discuss carefully what you want. Most photographers won’t allow you to keep the negatives of the wedding pictures so make sure you have some relatives take a camera as the more photos you order from the photographer the more you pay.

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Outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddingA bright sunny garden, a big white Outdoor weddingmarquee adorned with lilies and trinkets, music, dancing to all beautiful sounds of nature, oh what a wonderful day it would be. Hiring an outdoor venue for the day is a great idea if you can confirm that the weather is predictable. If not, don’t take the chance, a muddy lawn and cold wet guests will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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MarriageLegal aspects of marriage are also very important. Make sure you have all your legal requirements met and all your paper work in place well in advance of the wedding date, get all this out of the way first and this leaves plenty of time to concentrate on the more important enjoyable things.

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LoveYou already completed the most important piece to this process, finding each other and falling in love. Without this love and union the wedding day would not be taking place, so the entire day is to celebrate your love for each other. Enjoy your day!


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You can choose diamonds for that sparkly feel or pearls for the more understated bride, but remember whatever you choose the theme should run through out. Another special touch most jewelers will create is personally designed wedding bands, for you and your man; expect to pay a bit more. Jewelry is also a nice thank you gift for the bridesmaids, matching necklaces or earnings for the bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day would be a nice.


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