Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a British colony for over 150 years until 1997 when the British government gave it back to China. There was a huge celebration to mark the occasion. The mix of Chinese and Western influences is very easy to see.
Over six million people live in Hong Kong. There are two official languages. English is the business language but most people speak Cantonese in everyday life.
If you go to Hong Kong you will immediately notice the architecture - modern glass and concrete skyscrapers, traditional Buddhist Temples and colourful street markets.
Hong Kong

Hong KongCentral Plaza is the tallest building here. It has 78 storeys and neon lights at the top which change colour every fifteen minutes. You can buy souvenirs, antiques and traditional Chinese medicines in the area called Sheung Wang and Western. It is a busy, exotic place, you can even find birds' nests for soup!

Hong Kong really is where East meets West.

Дата: 16 апреля 2008

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