Jamaica - time to take it easy

Jamaica - time to take it easyColumbus described Jamaica as "the fairest isle that eyes beheld" and since the '30s when the island became the playground of Hollywood stars, Jamaica has been regarded as a tropical paradise.
For animal lovers, Jamaica is a "wildlife heaven", where you can see a wide range of lizards, birds and bats. Off-shore the marine life is also spectacular, with beautiful corals, turtles and over 700 species of fish.
Jamaica is an island that caters for every taste. Sun worshippers can laze on the beach all day, gluttons can pile on the pounds by gorging on the wonderfully spicy Caribbean cuisine and hedonists can indulge in the local rums.
Wherever you go in Jamaica one thing is certain - you will take it easy.
Jamaica - time to take it easy

Дата: 11 мая 2008

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