Weddings traditions

cd Couples can have a religious ceremony. Or they can have a civil wedding before a judge or other public official. Or they can have both. The couple might also read special vows they have written for each other. Many ceremonies share common customs. For example, the bride may wear a long white dress and have a white veil over her face. The veil is pulled back when the newlyweds kiss at the end of the ceremony. The groom traditionally wears a tuxedo. If the suit is black and the shirt is white, picture in your mind a penguin. A nervous penguin. An old tradition says brides should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. These four things are supposed to bring good luck.
bv Different cultures have their own traditions. At African-American weddings, for example, there is "jumping the broom." This is an old tradition where couples jump over a broomstick laid on the ground. Some couples want to get married in a famous place like Disneyland or Las Vegas. The eightieth floor of the Empire State Building in New York City is a popular place for weddings. Couples can enter a competition for a chance to get married there on Valentine’s Day.
Couples sometimes hold their wedding in a romantic place where they met. Or they choose a place that will not be too far for all the guests to travel. Or they hear about a beautiful place where many other people have gotten married. Many couples get married on the beach in Hawaii and the mainland, or travel to Mexico or an island in the Caribbean.
With a destination wedding, the celebration often lasts three days. All the guests are invited to a dinner on the night before the wedding. Then there is the ceremony and the meal that follows. And often there is an early morning breakfast the following day. cc

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