The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London

The summer of 1666 was very hot and dry in London. On a Sunday in September a great fire broke out in the city. It began late at night in a street not far from London Bridge. The Monument now stands on the spot to remind people of the terrible flames.
A hot east wind was blowing and the fire spread quickly. Most of the houses in London were made of wood. The better houses had brick or stone foundations only. The fire burnt for five days and nothing could stop it. There were no fire brigades at that time. The flames made night as light as day for ten miles around London. The people left their burning houses and went to the fields across the Thames. They put up tents and lived there.
Thirteen thousand houses were destroyed and many people were left homeless. But the fire did great good, it burnt dirty narrow streets where the plague ruled a year ago, wide streets and brick houses appeared in London after the Great Fire. Sir Christopher Wren, the famous architect, took part in rebuilding the city. St. Paul's Cathedral, where the architect is buried, was built by him.

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