Valentine's Day is a day of love

Valentine's Day is a day of lovecc
Where love is as bright as the suncc
We share kisses, and even a hugcc
With people we call our loved onescc
Unrequited love is oh! so harshcc
When the one you love doesn't love youcc
You feel you're left standing in the darkcc
Wishing this reality were untruecc
Well that's why Valentine's Day is so greatcc
It encourages you to show you carecc
It makes you just wanna saycc
I love you and will always be therecc
I once loved someone in this waycc
And I was encouraged on Valentine'scc
I went up to him, just to saycc
I would like you to be mine

Дата: 8 февраля 2009

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#1    Regina(14 февраля 2009, 17:48)

Happy Valentines day!

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