СМС-признания в любви на английском языке

Love is the only flower that
grows and blossoms
without the aid of the seasons

Дата: 12 февраля 2009

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#1    Дилшод(25 мая 2009, 18:10)

о любви

#2    вероника(29 сентября 2009, 15:20)

Милый мой сашка,я тебя очень люблю!Хочу быть с тобой всегда мой сладкий.

#3    niyaz(31 октября 2010, 20:03)

I'm a shadow, sliding on roofs.
I'm that following sight.
I'm the one what people name "hatred"!
I'm the one who simply craves for paradise.
I'm eternity, grief, I'm vice
I'm everything and nothing at once
I'm the one in search of
What has died long ago?
I'm a poet craving for love,
Unintentionally told a lie,
I have lied not by a chance,
Though, the one who was betrayed?
And it's trivial, that they leer on me,
I'm the one, who saw Goliath,
I'm the one, who listened to arch’s marvelous sound,
But did not found simple tender.
I shall burn down as a phoenix,
Yet I'll not arise from the ashes

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