Образец эссе с элементами рассуждения по теме и рекомендуемый языковой репертуар

Образец эссе с элементами рассуждения по теме и
              рекомендуемый языковой репертуар

Экзаменационное задание:
In western countries after secondary school, students very often do not continue immediately with their studies, but they take a one year break, called a ‘gap year’, when they travel or do voluntary work.
Write a descriptive essay and present the different aspects of such an idea.
Образец ответа:
       ‘All work and no play will make Jake a dull boy’, as an old English saying goes. The gap year seems to be one of those traditions whish remind us about the real needs of young people, and so prove that such old pieces of wisdom may be right.
       Socially, the gap year offers a break from routine and a period of relaxation from the monotony of a scheduled life. Far from being a period of mere idleness, it helps young people to unwind and better prepare both mentally and emotionally for the challenges of the future life in society.
       Perhaps paradoxically, the gap year may also have some educational aims. As it is usually spent on travelling and doing casual work, it helps widen one’s intellectual horizons, learn a lot of about people and oneself, and – last but not least – perhaps even acquire a job for one’s life.
       Finally, from the psychological angle, young people may use the gap year as a period of coming to terms with the end of their adolescence and beginning to look forward to their chosen career, they have the chance of becoming not only more interesting, but also more open to, and better aware of the world around them.
       In today’s world of fierce competition, it is important for young people to get well-prepared for the challenges of the future. Thus the institution of gap year can be regarded as a step in the right direction though it is also not without its problems.
Характерные черты эссе с элементами рассуждения по теме
1. Введение: начните с перефразирования проблемы, заявленной в теме, используя, например, пословицу или афоризм (All work and no play…). Так как в эссе такого типа вам не нужно обязательно использовать аргументы «за» и «против», вы можете остановиться только на положительных или на отрицательных аспектах темы (в данном образце это положительные стороны: traditions remind us about, real needs, old pieces of wisdom are right).
2.Основная часть: чётко обозначьте различные аспекты проблемы (socially; educational aim; from psychological angle). Так как объем эссе ограничен, лучше всего взять 3 аспекта темы: в первом предложении представляется данный аспект (например, … the gap year may also have some educational aims), а в следующем можно дать более детальное его раскрытие (например, As it is usually spent on traveling… it helps widen one’s intellectual horizons…).
3.Заключение: так как такое эссе носит более философский характер, в последнем абзаце следует обобщить высказанное и сделать заключение. Оно должно относиться к теме и к введению. (And so, coming back, they have the chance of becoming not only more interesting…).

Рекомендуемый языковой репертуар
I have always wondered if/why/whether…, There are so many different views on/possible approaches to…, In order to present this problem, let me begin with a paradox/proverb/famous quote…
2.Основная часть:
From a historical/personal/global perspective…,
From the angle/viewpoint of…

Surely, it would be impossible to give full justice to…/exhaust this issue, To come back to the point raised at the beginning…, However, it must be added…

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