Задания по теме "An Advert" (Рекламное объявление)

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7 класс

1. Write a, b or c.

a layout b persuasive language c important information
  1. Our language school is definitely the best language school in Oxford. - 
  2. Fun and Entertainment. - 
  3. Courses are in June, July and August. - 
  4. Oxford is a beautiful and historical city. - 
  5. Students stay with local families. -

2. Look at the table and write notes for an advert for an adventure camp.

Where is the camp?  
When and how long?  
Who for?  
Why come?  


3. Write an advert for an adventure camp. Use persuasive language and positive adjectives.

4. Design an advert for a holiday. Use persuasive language and positive adjectives to make people want to go.

beach     camping     skiing     city     wildlife

5. Write an advert for a club or activity you like. Remember to use what you have learnt about writing an advert.


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