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Keys:Present Simple or Present Continuous


1. He usually watches TV on Sundays.
2. I never go out on Friday evening.
3. They usually have dinner at 7 o'clock.
4. We are rebuilding our house.
5. The waiter is bringing the dessert.
6. She is looking for a new house to live in.
7. He is studying Spanish this year.
8. She is not working very hard. She was better last year.
9. At present Lucy is working on her project.
10. Ann doesn`t often eat fishes.
11. Look! The children are drinking beer!
12. He comes to visit my mother every day.
13. How often do you cook lunch?
14. The shop opens at 8.
15. I do not listen to the radio very often.
16. He sometimes goes to the pub.
17. The lesson begins at 8 every morning.
18. Can you hear that? Somebody is singing.
19. I usually do my homework after dinner.
20. Hello! Where are you going?

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