Keys: Present Simple or Present Continuous 2


1. We usually go skiing every year, but this year we are not going anywhere.
2. Ann is looking for a new job.
3. She told me her address, but I do not remember it.
4. I am learning Spanish. My friend is teaching me.
5. 'What do your parents do?' 'They are teachers.'
6. My brother usually goes to work by train.
7. My sister Sonia lives in London.
8. Can you cook? No but I am learning.
9. Can you hear those girls? What are they talking about?
10. Normally I get up at 8, but this week I am getting up at 7.
11. Do you need a ticket to see your mother play at the theatre?
12. Lucy is not in London at the moment. She is staying in Paris.
13. How is your father? Is he still ill? No, he is getting better.
14. Let's go jogging. It is not raining at the moment.
15. The earth goes round the sun.
16. Why are you looking at me like that?
17. She prefers coffee with milk.
18. Do not put the scissors away I am using them.
19. Paul does not like maths.
20. Are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink?

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