Keys: Past Simple, Past Continuous or Present Perfect


1. This is the first time I have eaten caviar.
2. Yesterday at 7.30 I was having breakfast.
3. He put the money into his briefcase and left.
4. He couldn't drive a car when he was five.
5. What happened last week at your parent's?
6. I think I have got the flu. I must go to bed.
7. Everyone was drinking beer at John's party last night.
8. Last Saturday when it started raining some children were playing in the park.
9. We have known each other for a long time.
10. What day was it yesterday?
11. I have had a proper dinner for weeks.
12. He is a good actor. Lucy has seen all his films. She is going to watch his latest film next week.
13. What was the flight like yesterday?
14. Jim is on a business trip. He has gone to France.
15. We didn't want to bother them, so we stopped asking them stupid questions.
16. After finishing his work he decided to go out.
17. Have you seen your brother recently?
18. Why didn't you go to the party last night?
19. Where's my wallet? It was on the table. Somebody has taken it.
20. Her shoes are very clean, she has cleaned them.

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