Pinocchio, Geppetto, Antonio, Author (стоит в левом углу сцены), Boy, Man, Woman, Harlequin, Punchinello, Showman, Fox, Cat, Bird.

(У задней стенки сцены должен быть занавес. На сцене: стол, табурет, нарисован очаг, на вешалке висит куртка, лежанка справа)

Author. All fairy-tales begin with the words, "Once upon a time thre was...".
Voice. A king!
Author. No, children, not a king! Once upon a time there was a piece of wood.
(Входит Antonio с поленом и инструментом)
Antonio. (в зал). Oh, look, this is a good piece of wood. I can make a new leg for my table.
(Стучит. Pinocchio за занавеской)
Pinocchio. Don't hit me so hard!
(Antonio оглядывается. Снова стучит)
Pinocchio. I say you! Stop hitting me!
(Antonio удивлённо озирается. Стук в дверь)
Antonio. Come in!
(Входит Geppetto.)
Geppetto. Good day, master Antonio. What are you doing with this piece of wood?
Antonio. A new leg for my table.
Geppetto. You know, I want to make a wooden puppet. Do you have another piece of wood?
Antonio. I'm so happy to help you! Take this piece of wood, quickly! It is a very good piece of wood.
Geppetto. Thank you very much. You are a very good friend. Goodbye. (Уходит)
Antonio. Goodbye, goodbye... Uugh!.. (Уходит)
(Geppetto входит, садится у занавеса, работает, напевая)
Author. First he made the puppet's head. Suddenly the nose began to grow. (из-за занавеса высовывается голова) He cut it off. (Голова прячется) But it grew again. (Снова высовывается)
Geppetto. This puppet wants a long nose.
Author. Then he made the arms. (Одна рука показывается) And the leg. (Высовывается нога) And then...
Geppetto. That is all! (Выходит Pinocchio.) You are ready! (Любуется) What name shall I give you?.. Pinocchio! A very good name. (Pinocchio шалит, высовывает язык)
Geppetto. Stop it! (Pinocchio бегает, показывая язык и строя "носики") Stop it, I say! (Geppetto хочет его поймать, но Pinocchio убегает) Stop him! (Бежит вослед) Stop him! (Убегает)
Author. But Pinocchio runs too fast, and poor old Geppetto can't reach him. (Появляется Pinocchio) Pinocchio walked about the town all day. The night came. It began to rain. Pinocchio is very cold.
(На сцену выезжает декорация фронтона дома с дверью. За ней Man и Woman.)
Pinocchio (стучится). Excuse me, is it my house?
Man (выходит). Get out! We don't know you! (Исчезает за стеной)
Pinocchio (снова стучится). Please, give me a piece of bread.
Woman (выходит). Go home, wooden boy. (Исчезает)
(Снова Pinocchio бродит по сцене, дрожа от холода. Покидает сцену. Фронтон дома уезжает. Pinocchio выходит)
Pinocchio. At last, I'm at home! (Берёт со стола луковицу, съедает и ложится спать, пока Автор говорит)
Author. At last he found his house. Geppetto was out. Pinocchio was very tired and hungry, he ate an onion and fell asleep.
(Входит Geppetto, попровляет одеяло Pinocchio, садится рядом в задумчивости. Pinocchio просыпается)
Pinocchio. Papa, I'm very sorry, forgive me please, I'll be a good boy.
Geppetto. Tomorrow you'll go to school.
Pinocchio. But I have no school-book.
Geppetto. And I have no money. (Задумывается на минуту) Wait a little, I'll be back in a minute. (Хватает куртку, выбегает, возвращается с азбукой) This is your school-book, it is very nice, with pictures.
Pinocchio (смотрит книгу, затем обращается к Geppetto). But where is your coat, Papa? It's cold today.
Geppetto. I've sold it, it's warm for me.
Pinocchio. Thank you very uch! (Обнимает Geppetto.) You are so kind. Tomorrow I'll go to school and will learn how to read, to write and to count.
Geppetto. You are a good boy!
(Уходят. Лежанка увозится)
Author. The next day Pinocchio goes to school.
(Выносят плокат «GREAT PUPPET THEATRE». Играет музыка, Выходят Harlequin и Punchinello. Они танцуют и смеются. Выходит Pinocchio.)
Pinocchio (останавливается и думает; музыка замолкает). Tomorrow I'll go to school and now I'll go to see a show... But how to get money for a ticket? (Мальчик проходит по сцене)
Pinocchio. Boy, do you want to buy this beautiful hood?
Boy. Look for a fool!
Pinocchio. Boy, do you want to buy this pretty jacket?
Boy. Look for a fool! (Делает пару шагов, чтобы уйти, но Pinocchio окликает)
Pinocchio. Do you want to buy this good school-book with many pictures?
Boy. Give. (Покупает)
Pinocchio. Thank you very much.
(Мальчик уходит, Pinocchio оборачивается к танцующим Harlequin и Punchinello)
Harlequin (толкает в бок Punchinello). Is that Pinocchio?
Punchinello. Yes, it's Pinocchio! It's our brother Pinocchio! (Звучит музыка, вместе с Pinocchio пляшут. Входит Showman, музыка прекращается; куклы пугаются, замолкают)
Showman. What's the noise?
Pinocchio. Please, sir, I'm sorry.
Showman. Stop talking! Take this puppet (показывает на Pinocchio) and throw it into the fire, I want to have a good dinner. (Садится за стол)
Pinocchio (умоляя). Papa, oh, Papa, come and save your Pinocchio! I don't want to burn, I don't want to burn in the fire. (Плачет)
Showman. Where are your Papa and Mama?
Pinocchio (вытирает слёзы). Papa is at home. But I have no Mama.
Showman. Poor little thing, poor little thing. Take Harlequin and throw him into the fire. (Показывает на очаг)
Pinocchio (плачет). Oh, dear sir, don't burn poor Harlequin! Oh, dear sir, don't burn poor Harlequin! Throw me on the fire.
Showman (сердито). Stop crying! What do you want now?
Pinocchio. Oh, dear sir, don't burn poor Harlequin!
Showman (удивлён). You are a good boy. What is your father's name?
Pinocchio. Geppetto.
Showman. Has he much money?
Pinocchio. Oh no, he is very poor.
Showman. Poor old man, give him these five gold pieces.
Pinocchio. Oh! Thank you very much. (Убегает вправо)
(Все уходят. Слева появляются: Fox (хромает, с палкой); Cat (с завязанным глазом). Идут под ручку. В это же время спрада выбегает Bird и садится за стол. Навстречу Fox и Cat идёт, подпрыгивая, Pinocchio.)
Fox. Good day, Pinocchio! What are these in your hands?
Pinocchio. Look! These are five gold pieces.
Cat. What do you want to do with all that money?
Pinocchio. First, I'll buy a new coat for my Papa, then I'll buy a school-book.
Cat. What for?
Pinocchio. I want to go to school.
Fox. Look at me! I lost my leg because I learnt at school.
Cat. Look at me! I lost my eye because I learnt at school.
Bird. Pinocchio, don't listen to them, they are bad friends!
Cat. Kshhh!.. (Пытается схватить птичку, но она убегает)
Fox. Dear Pinocchio, do you want to have a lot of money?
Pinocchio. Oh, yes, but how?
Fox. Don't go home. Come with us.
Pinocchio. No, I'll go home. Papa wants to see me.
Fox. If you want to have a hundred gold pieces, come with us.
Pinocchio. Where?
Fox. To a field. (Берут Pinocchio под руки, идут по сцене. Лиса говорит и показывает) Make a little hole, put there gold pieces, then make a little hill, pour some water. At night you must go to bed. In the morning you'll see a beautiful tree with many gold pieces on it.
Pinocchio. Oh, how nice! Let's go. (Идут)
Author. Poor Pinocchio! He forgot his Papa, the new coat and the school-book. Bye, bye, Pinocchio. You are expected by new adventures.
Fox, Cat, Pinocchio (оборачиваются к зрителям). Bye, bye!

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