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Children's Day / Всемирный день ребенка - сценарий урока

Урок для 2 класса

Children's Day!


To talk about Children's Day. To sing a song about Children's Day.


In this lesson the students will learn to understand:

  • Children's Day, hold hands, help us grow.

In this lesson the students will learn to use:

  • It's Children's Day!

Extra Materials

  • Photocopies of the Me Tree template
  • strips of paper for the Ending the Lesson activity.


Note: This unit is designed to be taught just before Children's Day. 20th November is often the day chosen by countries to celebrate Children's Day, but this can vary from country to country.


Play the Children's Day song from Ex. 1 as the students are arriving. Greet them with It's Children's Day. Tell students that Universal Children's Day is on 20 November, but different countries celebrate it on different dates. It is a day to celebrate children's rights around the world and to remind us that children need love and respect to grow and reach their full potential. Encourage the students to take part in the discussion by saying what special things they do on this day.


1. Listen and sing.

Point the students to the picture of the children who are standing around the globe, holding hands. Say: It's Children's Day! The students repeat after you. Then mime as you say: Let's hold hands, it's Children's Day! Let's clap hands, and shout Hooray! The students repeat after you. Play the recording as many times as you think is necessary for the students to start singing along.


Let's hold hands,
It's Children's Day
Let's clap hands,
And shout Hooray!

We are children
Help us grow
We are children
We're nice to know!

Let's hold hands.
It's Children's Day
So listen please
To what we say!

2. Make a Me Tree! Draw and write about your favourite people/animals/things.

Tell the students that they are going to make a Me Tree! The leaves of their trees are going to be handprints and on each handprint they are going to draw their favourite things, e.g. a pet, a toy, a colour, a date, etc. Give each student a photocopy of the tree template and give them enough time to colour and complete their trees with their favourite things. Once they finish, they present their trees to the class, e.g. These are my favourite things: my dog, Rex, my teddy bear, the colour red, etc.

3. Play the Children’s Day game

Before going into class: Prepare cards with the following words/ sketches on them: heart (love), house (home), clothes, shoes, books, food, water, medicine, dove (peace), etc.

Refer the students to the picture and tell them they are going to play the Children's Day game. Ask the students to sit in a circle preferably. Hand out the cards, one to each student. Ask them to show their cards. Elicit the words, e.g. love (for the heart symbol). Teach the following song (to the tune of the Farmer in his den):

The child needs (love)
The child needs (love)
The child needs (love).

Say a word, e.g. love. The child with the corresponding card goes to the centre of the circle and holds up his/her card. The rest of the class sings the song. Repeat with the rest of the words.

Note: With large classes multiply the words and have more than one student go into the centre of the circle each time.


Before going into class: Prepare strips of paper (approximately 20 x 3 cm), one per student.

Tell the students that they are goint to make a Class Friendship Chain. Hand out the strips of paper. Ask each student to decorate the strip and write his/her name on it. Create a Ciass Frienship Chain by gluing the ends of each strip to make a paper chain. Decorate the classroom with it.


Do the activity.

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