Происхождение названий американских штатов

       В данной категории 50 states of America будут добавляться Соединённые Штаты Америки с указанием этимологии их названий.
       50 штатов США заимствовали свои названия из многих языков. Названия 25 из них пришли из языков североамериканских индейцев: 8 из алгонкинских языков, 7 из сиуанских языков , 3 — ирокезских языков, 1 — юто-ацтекского языка, 5 из языков других индейских народностей и один из гавайского языка. Остальные штаты получили свои имена из европейских языков: 7 из латинского языка (преимущественно от латинизированных форм английских имен), 6 — из собственно английского языка, 5 — французского (одно название пришло через английский).
       Из 50 штатов 11 были названы в честь отдельных исторических личностей. Также существует несколько возможных вариантов происхождения для 6 названий (Аризона, Гавайи, Айдахо, Мэн, Орегон и Род-Айленд) — в следующих новостях вы узнаете столицу каждого штата и его описание bs

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Alabama Unforgettable
* Capital City: Montgomery
       Known as the Heart of Dixie, Alabama became the 22nd state in 1819. The name Alabama is derived from an Indian word meaning "thicket cllearers". Alabama has been at the center of many American battles - between white settlers and Native Americans, and between the North and South in the Civil War. The state also is home to the first of three Spase Camps in the United States. These camps let kids experience what it would be like to be in outer spase. The capital is Montgomery, and state flower is the camellia.
* Origin of state's name: Means ''tribal town'' in the Creek Indian language.

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Alaska North! To Alaska
*Capital City: Juneau
       The nickname of the 49 state, Alaska, is the "Last Frontier''. Purchased from Russia for $7 million in 1867, Alaska is the largest state in area and is the largest peninsula in the Western Hemisphere. Mt. McKinley in the Alaska Range is North America's highest peak at 20,320 feet and one of the greatest challenges for mountain climbers. Juneau is the state's capital, and the state flower is the pale-blue forget-me-not.
       *Origin of state's name: Based on an Aleut word ''alaxsxaq'' literally meaning ''object toward which the action of the sea is directed'' of more simple ''the mainland''.

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Arizona Grand Canyon State
*Capital City: Phoenix
The "Grand Canyon State", Arizona, was the 48th state to join the U.S. in 1912 - the last of 48 contiguous (connected) states to join the Union. The state's name comes from arizonac, from two Papago Indian words meaning "place of the young spring". Arizona has a very dry climate and is known for its cactus plants. In fact, the state flower is the saguaro cactus blossom.
*Origin of state's name: Spanish interpretation of "arizuma", an Aztec Indian word meaning "silver-bearing". Also based on Pima Indian word "arizonac" for "little spring place".

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ArkansasThe Natural State
*Capital City: Little Rock
       Nicknamed the ’Land of Opportunity’, Arkansas, which joined the Union in 1836, was the 25th state. The early French explorers of the state gave it its name, which is probably a phonetic spelling for the French word for ’downriver’ people, a reference to the Quapaw Indians and the river along which they settled. Arkansas is the only state in which diamonds have been mined, although today the mine operates only as a tourist attraction. The state flower is the apple blossom.
       *Origin of state’s name: French interpretation of a Sioux word ’acansa’, meaning 'downstream place’.

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CaliforniaFind Yourself Here
*Capital City: Sacramento
       Nicknamed the "Golden State", California is the third largest state in area after Alaska and Texas. The discovery of gold and the immigration in 1849 of thousands of "forty-niners" in search of the precious metal helped California's admission into the Union in 1850. Today, California, land of the giant redwoods, has the highest population of any state in the nation and is America's principal agricultural state. It is also the home of Hollywood, the center of America's movie and television industry. Its capital is Sacramento and the state flower is the golden poppy.
       *Origin of state’s name:Named by Spanish after Califia, amythical paradise in a Spanish romance, written by Montavlo in 1510.

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COLORADOColorful Colorado
Capital City: Denver
Called the ''Centennial State,'' because it became the 38th state when the U.S. turned 100 in 1876, Colorado is most closely associated with the Rocky Mountains and has numerous peaks over 14,000 feet. The state's name comes from a Spanish word meaning "red" or "ruddy", the color of much of the state's terrain. Today, Colorado is known for its fast cattle ranges, argricultural acreage, and snow-covered mountains that are ideal for winter sports. Its capital is Denver and state flower is the Rocky Mountain columbine.
Origin of state's name: Taken from the Spanish for the "colorred" and was applied to the Colorado river.

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