John Belushi

John Belushi

       John Adam Belushi (born January 24, 1949 - died March 5, 1982) was an American actor and comedian. John was born in the U.S. to Adam Belushi, an Albanian immigrant who left his native village, Qytezë, in 1934 at the age of 15, and his wife Agnes. John's brother James Belushi is also a successful actor and comedian.

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The Beatles

The Beatles       Группа Битлз стала уже легендой. Их песни не только навсегда вошли в историю музыки, но также часто исполняются сегодня по-новому солистами джаза, блюза и поп-музыки. Произведения Битлз считаются уже мировыми стандартами!
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Kylie MinogueЗвезда поп музыки, австралийка Кайли Миноуг уже в возрасте одиннадцати лет появилась в шоу-бизнесе. Она сыграла несколько ролей в сериалах, что принесло её огромную популярность сперва в её стране, а потом в Англии. Внимательно прочитайте текст, чтобы узнать побольше подробностей из жизни певицы.
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Henry VIIIГенри Восьмой знаменит тем, что у него было 6 жён. Если вы хотите узнать побольше об этом короле, то
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The Childhood and Youth of Dickens

The Childhood and Youth of Dickens       Charles Dickens, one of the greatest and most popular English novelists, was born on the 7th of February, 1812, in a small English town...

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       Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss are three of the world's top supermodels.
Kate Moss


        Kate shot to fame as a young, skinny chain smoker from Croydon in London. Like Christy Turlington, she has worked dor Calvin Klein and many other fashion designers. She lakes wearing Prada shoes, Hermes accessories and clothes by John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, but her real passion is expensive jewellery.
Christy Turlington


        The woman who many call 'the face of the 20th century', started modelling at a very early age. She has modelled for Calvin Klein, Camay Soap and the breakfast cereal Special K. In 1994 she started to move away from catwalk modelling to pursue her other ambitions in life.
Linda Evangelista


        Many people say that Linda Evangelista is the most professional model around. On the catwalk she has worked for Gucci and Chanel and also signed a deal with Yardley cosmetics.

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Prince WilliamПрочитайте текст о самом популярном члене королевской семьи - принце Уильяме. Это старший сын принцессы Дианы и принца Чарльза. Большинство подданных королевы Елизаветы II были уверены, что монархия сохранится, если в будущем на трон сразу взойдёт принц Уильям, а не принц Чарльз.

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David BeckhamDavid Robert Joseph Beckham was born David Beckhamin London on May 2-nd 1975. He plays football for Manchester United and is captain of both Manchester and England. Fans love Beckham and call him the "Golden Boy of English Football". He is also famous for his hairstyles which change very often.

David BeckhamBeckham is married to Victoria Adams - one of the Spice Girls. They have three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. They are favourite stars of the British press. The Beckhams live in Chesire, not too far away from Manchester United's home ground.

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King Alfred the Great

       For two hundred years the English people were at war with the Danes who came from Denmark and the Northmen who came from Scandinavia. King Alfred when he was a boy of sixteen took part in the battles with the enemies. At twenty he became king of Wessex and began to prepare for the defence of the country. He built a fleet of ships and fortifications on the coasts. The small kingdoms were united to fight against the invaders. After the victory over the Danes, King Alfred did much for his people. He opened schools, asked scholars to translate into English the best works of world literature and worked out the English code. The English people named him Alfred the Great.

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