What is it Love?

What is it Love?

What is it Love?
Love can be beautiful,
And Love can be killing.
What is it Love?
Love is a Feeling.

You can love,
And you can hate.
You can imagine,
And understand.

But it"s a Secret,
Have you to feel.
Love is your new Kiss,
And your new Dream cc

What is it Love?

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I know it's late
I know it's late to die
I know it's late to say good buy
I know it's late to jump
And late...
I'm falling down
I know...
It's must be now,
But I can't fly
And I will die
It's time to say good buy... au

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And I won't cry,
You left me
But I'm angel
You don't know that
And you just left
There isn't any love,
There isn't any feeling
There isn't any false
Or reason
Our love is dead
We can't do anything
And that is wrong
But we just go
We go to jump
But I won't die
Remember,I am angel...

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We like two pieces,
Of big hurt
We love each other
Very much
We also know,that's strange
So what?
We know so many things,
And thought
We want to be in love
It's so small dream
But it's impossible
For me
To see the true,
Her kiss for you...
And I regret
This love is dead ak

4 марта 2008  |  Просмотров:  3214  |   Пока без комментариев   Подробнее...

My dream is dark
My force is weak
I'm look behind
А там тупик... ag

4 марта 2008  |  Просмотров:  3012  |  Комментариев:  2    Подробнее...

Last night i sent an angel to kiss you, but he come back.
I asked him:"Why?"
And he said:"Angels don't kiss angels" aa

4 марта 2008  |  Просмотров:  2960  |   Пока без комментариев   Подробнее...

Love is a name, sex is a game, forget the name and play the game aa

4 марта 2008  |  Просмотров:  3705  |   Пока без комментариев   Подробнее...

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