Love is the only flower that
grows and blossoms
without the aid of the seasons

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Many things in life
will catch your eye,
but only a few
will catch your heart cc

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When I think of love ...
I think of roses and red hearts ...
quiet walks ...
and very soft, tranquil music ...
I envision an eagle taking flight on a crisp fall morn ...
the first snowflake in the winter ...
and the sound of the first robin in the spring ...
I envision a glorious sunrise ...
a spectacular rainbow ...
and stars brightly shining on a summer night ...
But most of all, I envision you ...
your eyes radiating warmth, joy and vibrance ...
and the tender feelings in my heart
from your friendly smile

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My heart to you is given
Oh do give yours to me
We'll lock them up together
And throw away the key

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Valentine's Day is a day of lovecc
Where love is as bright as the suncc
We share kisses, and even a hugcc
With people we call our loved onescc
Unrequited love is oh! so harshcc
When the one you love doesn't love youcc
You feel you're left standing in the darkcc
Wishing this reality were untruecc
Well that's why Valentine's Day is so greatcc
It encourages you to show you carecc
It makes you just wanna saycc
I love you and will always be therecc
I once loved someone in this waycc
And I was encouraged on Valentine'scc
I went up to him, just to saycc
I would like you to be mine

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Gentle quiet of her eye,
To my asking deign reply;
By the impassioned day made bold,
Be thy hoarded secret told;
Or by trusting glance or fall
Of thy fluttering look from mine,
Dower my thought with hopes divine,
Hopes no coldness may recal;
Sweet betrayer, bid me see
If not in thy depths there be
Love thy coyness keeps from me.
Stained whiteness of her cheek
Quit thy fear and prithee speak,
All to-day should bid thee tell,
All that thou hast hid so well;
Through the day-dawn of a flush,
Dimpling ripple of a smile,
Oh, let watching love beguile
Thy sweet secret from its hush!
Give me, this sweet day, to know
If, thy rosy calm below,
Love lurk not, thou wilt not show.
Oh, thou music of her speech,
Leave thou meaner things and teach
Listening love the all he'd learn!
Give the enamoured air to burn
With thy sumless burdens; round,
Words half silence---many a tone
Caught by love's hushed ear alone,
Thoughts that tremble into sound,
Breathe!---Oh, utterance all divine,
Bid me know she would be mine---
That I am her valentine!

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A Valentine Is Nothing Like
A Valentine is nothing like
A chocolate or a rose.
For in a week these shall be gone,
But Valentines remain.
If love were always sweet to tongue
Or fragrant to the nose,
Each day would be like Valentine's,
And we would go insane.
A Valentine just hangs around
Waiting to be kissed
Long after special days have passed
And every days are here.
So one is wise to choose one well
And chocolates to resist.
For in the midst of mania
It's nice to have one near.

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Be My Valentine, for I
Be my Valentine, for I
Each day have thought of you.
My whole life couldn't manage what
Your ready smile can do,
Vanquishing my loneliness
As though all light were new.
Let me be your Valentine
Even as you're mine,
Needing what I have to give
That each might each define
In friendship and in harmony,
Now you, now I the melody,
Each helping each to shine.

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Be My Valentine: What Does That Mean?
Be my Valentine: What does that mean?
Each of us must walk through life alone,
More deeply desolate than we have known,
Yearning for a truth we've never seen.
Valentines are from beyond that dream,
Are like a sunrise on a world of stone.
Little on this journey can we own
Except as miracles might intervene.
No way but through loving might we give
The freedom of our being to another.
In such a sacrifice we hope to live
No longer bound by dreams of flesh and bone,
Even as we bind our lives together.

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Valentine's Day
Is a wonderful way
To make "I love you"
Easy to say

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