Poem of teenagers

Poem of teenagersGrowing up, doesn't it just suck?
It seems to be full of constant bad luck.
Zits, bad hair days and putting on weight,
So many reasons for your self-hate.
But hey, you're alive, you're unique, you're so cool,
Why do you always feel such a fool?

Be true to yourself, forget all your faults,
And you'll soon be thinking much happier thoughts.
Live life to the max and paint your town red,
Who cares what people think and what they've said?

Don't let them win and make you feel bad,
'Cause people like that are really quite sad.
So, enjoy your teens and have some fun,
Your life has only just begun!

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Poem of teenagers

Poem of teenagersWhy is nothing ever easy?
Why are some boys so very sleazy?
Why can't I have that brand new dress?
Why am I under so much stress?
Why don't my parents ever believe me?
Why can't they ever see ...
Why do I feel so often unhappy?
Why do they always wish I was still in a nappy?
Why does my face feel like a block of lard?

There's a reason for all these problems and tears.
I'm going through my TEENAGE YEARS!

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I keep six honest serving men.
They taught me all I knew.
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

by R. Kipling

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There was a Young Lady of Turkey,
Who wept when the weather was murky;
When the day turned out fine,
She ceased to repine,
That capricious Young Lady of Turkey.

Edward Lear

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Alas, Alack

Ann, Ann?
Come quick as you can!

There’s a fish that talks
In the frying-pan.
Out of the fat,

As clear as glass,
He put up his mouth
And moaned ”Alas!” –
Oh, mournful,
”Alas, Alack!”

Then turned to the sizzling,
And sank him back.

by Walter de la Mare

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«Slave, come to my service!» «Yes, my master. Yes?»
«Quick, fetch my chariot, hitch up the horses:
                     I'll drive to the palace!»
«Drive to the palace, my master. Drive to the palace. The
King will be pleased to see you,
                     he will be benevolent to you».
«No, slave. I won't go to the palace!» «Don't, my master.
Don't go to the palace. The King will send you on a
faraway expedition, down the unknown road, through
hostile mountains; day and night he will make you
experience pain
                     and hardship».

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Good language skills are a prerequisite fort[/color]

What does it mean – to learn?

Let’s consult the famous Webster’s Dictionary:

learn – to gain (добывать,получать, зарабатывать) knowledge or understanding of or skill (искусство, мастерство, ловкость, сноровка) in by study, instruction or experience.

Значит тот, кто хочет выучить английский, должен добывать, зарабатывать знания и мастерство путем исследования, обучения или опыта.

language skills - это ловкость, сноровка, мастерство, с которым мы владеем языком.

Good language skills are a prerequisite fort

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There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe;
She had so many children
She didn’t know what to do .

She gave them same broth
Without any bread,
She whipped them all soundly
And put them to bed.

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By John Drinkwater

What is all this washing about,
Every day, week in, week out?
From getting up till going to bed,
I’m tide of hearing the same thing said.
Whether I am dirty or whether I am not,
Whether the water is cold or hot,
Whether I like it or whether I don’t -
Whether I will or whether I won’t -
Have you washed your hands, and washed your face?
I seem to live in the washing-place.

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-  ”Don’t you love to lie and listen,
     Listen to the rain,
     With its little patter, patter,
     And its tiny clatter, clatter,
     And its silvery spatter, spatter,
     On the roof and on the pane?”
-  ”Yes, I love to lie and listen,
     Listen to the rain.”

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